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Responding First

What Is

Responding First? 

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One-on-one coaching

This program is built to support, guide, and teach. We will provide one-on-one coaching through this journey which will provide a safe space to grow, learn, and be understood.


About the program

Responding First™ is designed to support individuals who have taken an oath to serve others. 

First responders are brave, courageous, and selfless people who oftentimes fail to take the time to care for themselves. They are exposed to trauma, physical injuries, and psychological harm due to the work.

First responders are implanted into a culture that frowns upon vulnerability. There is little to no room to express healthy emotions.

In this program, participants will learn techniques that will support them in taking care of all four domains of the whole self (physical, spiritual, psychological, emotional). You will learn to identify the parts of yourself that feel inauthentic to who you are as you work within a profession that causes you to feel dehumanized, frustrated, isolated, or emotionally numb. 

is this program for me?

First responders being human first, get to live without fear of being inauthentic. If you feel that you are unable to fully show up personally and professionally in your life, we want to help you with the next steps in discovering the authentic you.