Support For Individuals, Families, & Communities

We provide vital resources and education to women, young adults, first responders, and various organizations.

Life Coaching

For individuals who want to participate in our unique blend of life coaching with therapuetic insights. We offer self-guided resources and quarterly group coaching programs.

First Responders

If you have taken an oath to serve others, we offer supportive resources for those within a profession that causes you to feel dehumanized, frustrated, isolated, or emotionally numb.

Developmental Training

For schools, agencies, and organizations that wish to foster a culture that supports emotional wellness and personal growth.

Dr. Falisa Asberry

Meet Dr. Falisa

Founder of Peacock Training & Consulting Group

Dr. Falisa Asberry, Ph.D., is a seasoned expert in human behavior, emotional wellness, and personal development. With a rich background in Psychology, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role as Founder and Lead Consultant. Dr. Falisa is dedicated to providing personalized guidance and impactful solutions, empowering individuals, educational institutions, first responders, and communities alike. Her deep understanding of human behavior enables her to offer tailored support, training, and resources, fostering resilience and growth. Driven by her passion for creating supportive environments and equipping individuals with the knowledge they need to build successful, impactful lives, she leads initiatives that enable comprehensive support structures for schools, agencies, and communities, ensuring they thrive and flourish. Her mission is to empower everyone with the tools to achieve personal and professional success while fostering a culture of empathy, growth, and excellence.

How We Can Help

Personal Development

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Set your feet on a path toward your full potential through our transformative programs and courses. You’ll gain new clarity and sense of self, along with new levels of personal growth. Our tailored personal development programs help you make positive, lasting change and are sure to guide you toward achieving your goals.

Vicarious Trauma Resources

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Access our comprehensive resources and support systems to manage and overcome the effects of vicarious trauma in the line of service. We offer live workshops, coaching programs, and self-guided resources to promote true emotional wellness and equip you with a healthier mindset and evidence-based self-care practices.

Emotional Wellness Support

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Find unmatched support and guidance in our emotional wellness programs and resources, designed to nurture mental health and give you the tools you need for emotional balance. We’ll teach you how to care for the four domains of the whole-self, as well as how to manage stress and set healthy boundries for yourself and others.

Leadership & Team Building

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Promote great leadership skills and cultivate an inspiring team culture through our specialized training and team-building programs. We offer workshops pertaining to workplace wellness, skillfull communication, and mental health to equip your team, students, or faculty with life-changing, success-bringing knowledge. 

Educational Empowerment for Schools & Institutions

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It is imperative that we empower our educators and institutions with the tools and insights necessary to create supportive and effective learning environments. Our workshops and trainings provide the building blocks and missing pieces to ensure every person that walks into your school not only grows and develops themselves, but leaves your institution better than they found it.  

Law Enforcement & Public Safety Support Services

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Dr. Falisa is a retired Detective with nearly 30 years of experience in law enforcement. Her passion for first responders has led us to create invaluable resources tailored for law enforcement and public safety personnel, providing crucial support for their well-being and success. 

Diversity & Inclusion Advocacy

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Join us in advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion in workplaces and communities through our inclusive initiatives and resources. We are constantly learning and working toward providing supportive resources for everyone we can and we ask that YOU be a part of making that happen.

Therapeutic Insights & Tools

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Our founder, Dr. Falisa, got her PhD in Psychology. and has dedicated the last three decades to studying and understanding human behavior. This has provided her with extensive training in therapy and life coaching to provide you with therapeutic insights and practical tools crafted to facilitate personal growth, healing, and overall well-being. Our coaching programs are comprehensive, evidence-based, and always guiding clients toward authentic connections and community.

Authentic Connections & Relationships

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The beating heart of what we do is community. We believe that genuine connections and nurturing meaningful relationships, both personally and professionally, are the key. to living a truly fulfilling life. Everything we do extends to a form of community, whether that be local or virtual. We also believe that you deserve to be surrounded by people that get you and encourage you. We are here to help you heal and protect yourself while nurturing healthy relationships in all their forms. 

Self-Discovery & Authenticity Programs

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We founded Peacock after our first online program took off called, Authentic All the Time. This was the catalyst for our beloved passion project, Authentic All the Time Academy where we offer transformative self-discovery and authenticity group coaching programs for exploring your inner truths, childhood narratives, and core values. This kind of self-awareness will bring you to powerful healing in your life and we promise you will not only grow and develop, but make amazing frienships and major strides toward your goals.

Our Mission

At Peacock Training and Consulting Group, our mission is to provide top-tier learning and consulting solutions that propel our clients towards their desired success levels. Through innovative and tailored approaches, we empower clients to think creatively, creating an environment of encouragement and support. Our core philosophy is rooted in embracing infinite possibilities, respecting diverse experiences, and believing in the potential of every individual. We stand committed to delivering excellence, celebrating successes, and challenging the norm to ensure continual growth.

"If you feel like you've given your power away, allowing others to define you, and you're ready to get the coaching and support required to bring you back to the highest version of yourself, Falisa is the coach for you! Say YES to feeling unapologetically GREAT about YOU again. Book a call with her today and get the party started!"

Dr. Jeanine M. Staples, Founder, The Supreme Love Projects

"From my first conversation with Dr. Falisa I felt a connection. My original plans were to have her coach my daughter, however, she ended up coaching me. She has coached me through kids, job loss, financial, and emotional struggles. She’s also coached me through struggles with self-esteem and family. This has been a tremendous journey and it has been truly worth the cost to feel this uniquely and authentically me. Thank you Falisa, my coach, for partnering with me to be my authentic self!"

Tiffany Hailey, Coaching Client

"Dr. Falisa is amazing! She listens so well and is very patient and understanding. She sees my blind spots in life and has helped me navigate through trauma and self-doubt. Having her as my coach has honestly been life-changing. I’ve noticed how I react to certain things in life now and it’s nothing like how I used to be. That’s how I know she is making a real impact in my life. I’ve had instant results!"

Lauryn, Coaching Client

How to love yourself & others ebook sneak peek

How to Love Yourself and Others

Dr. Falisa's new interactive eBook is now available on Amazon!

To feel connected, you must first feel safe.

Consider this – authentic connections thrive in an environment of safety. Without a sense of safety, true connection remains elusive. Communication plays a pivotal role in cultivating human connection – it’s the key to unlocking doors in every aspect of life.

Reflecting on my upbringing, where children were expected to be seen but not heard, I often felt silenced and insignificant. These early experiences influenced my communication style, instilling a fear of expressing myself and a belief that my voice didn’t matter. I’m teaching you how to break the cycle and forge strong relationships without the fear…

A Strong Sense of Self: How to Have It and Why You Need It…

Let’s explore the concept of self-esteem and the role it plays in our lives. Building confidence and a strong sense of self starts with self-awareness and self-compassion. In this blog post, Dr. Falisa speaks to young adults facing new challenges, lessons, and chapters in their lives. Dive into practical techniques for increasing that confidence, finding clarity on what YOU want, and how to create a clear path to achieve it. If life is what we make it, we better have the right tools to make it good!

Unwrap the Joy: Your Guide to Stress-Free Holidays with Mindfulness and Self-Care

The holidays often bring a mix of joy and stress. This year, let’s make a shift. Prioritizing self-care and mindfulness can transform the season into a time of serenity. From embracing moments of self-indulgence to practicing mindfulness techniques, discover how to navigate the holiday buzz with ease. This blog post and its resources will help you in finding balance amidst the festivities. Unwrap the joy of the season by prioritizing your well-being!

Soul-Stirring Self-Love: Loving Yourself and Others Authentically

Self-love is a crucial aspect of leading a fulfilling and meaningful life. It is the foundation of all love and enables us to love others in a deep and authentic way. To cultivate self-love, it is essential to first understand ourselves. We must take time to reflect on our values, passions, and dreams, and set healthy boundaries accordingly. This means recognizing our needs and taking care of ourselves first, without feeling guilty about it. Effective communication is also vital to self-love, as it helps us build meaningful connections with others. When we live in our purpose and use our talents to make a positive impact in the world, we feel fulfilled and energized, and we can love ourselves and others with a truly soul-stirring love. In essence, self-love is the key that unlocks the door to a happy and fulfilling life. In this blog post, I’ll be giving you those keys… the rest is up to you!

Challenging The Mirror: What is Really Affecting Your Self-Image

In the carefully composed, digital world we live in, the struggle against negative self-image remains a prevalent and often unspoken battle, especially for women. Recent surveys reveal that a staggering 80% of women find themselves held back by dissatisfaction with their appearance, putting on a heavy coat of low self-esteem. This dissonance is a reflection of myriad influences, from society’s ever-changing beauty standards to the echoes of personal traumas etched into self-perception.

Yet, amid these challenges, the use of self-regulation becomes a hope for those struggling to gain freedom from these narratives and rewrite their story for a brighter future. Rooted in mindfulness, self-trust, and purposeful movement, self-regulation empowers women to steer their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors toward a path of compassion and connection.

As women embrace self-care and self-compassion, they kindle a fire that warms not only themselves but all those they touch. Through these tips on self-regulation, you can step into the radiant truth of your own worthiness, and in doing so, inspire others to find their own path to authenticity and healing.

Turning Negative Self-Talk into Empowering Self-Compassion

Negative self-talk can be a relentless companion, whispering doubts and insecurities in our minds. We all have those moments when our inner critic becomes the loudest voice in the room, undermining our self-esteem and eroding our happiness. But remember, you deserve the same kindness and support you extend to your loved ones. Imagine if someone close to you spoke to themselves the way your inner critic speaks to you – it would be heartbreaking. It’s time to break this cycle and become your own biggest supporter.

Am I Being Authentic?

In a world that often values conformity over individuality, being authentic can be challenging. But true authenticity goes beyond agreeability; it’s about being loyal to yourself and your purpose. Embrace your unique qualities, core values, and beliefs, as they lead to higher self-esteem, greater well-being, and better relationships. Discover the power of authenticity and become your most authentic self, living a life that aligns with your true desires and aspirations.

Subtle Self-Sabotage: Calling Out Your Greatness

Subtle self-sabotage can hinder our progress and keep us from embracing our greatness. By downplaying our gifts and doubting our abilities, we hold ourselves back. It’s time to break free from this pattern. Cultivate self-awareness, challenge limiting beliefs, and celebrate your achievements. Let’s replace self-sabotage with self-compassion and self-belief. Let’s commit to nurturing our gifts, pursuing our passions, and creating a life that aligns with our true potential. Remember, you are worthy, capable, and deserving of success. Embrace your greatness, banish self-sabotage, and step into the extraordinary life that awaits you.

Fitting In or Standing Out: Identifying Your Core Values

Explore the process of identifying core values and unraveling the beliefs and values that have been inherited to fit in or gain acceptance. By gaining clarity on what truly matters to you, you can pave the way for a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life. I’ll share practical tips and exercises to help you unearth your core values, differentiate between inherited beliefs and authentic values, and align your life with what truly resonates with your soul. It’s time to break free from the chains of conformity and embrace your true self. Discover how living in alignment with your core values can bring profound joy, fulfillment, and a sense of purpose to every aspect of your life.

From Wasted Potential to Remarkable Growth: Embracing a New Mindset

Are you tired of feeling stuck, unfulfilled, and plagued by a sense of wasted potential? It’s time to embrace a new mindset that will ignite remarkable growth and propel you toward the life you truly desire. In my own journey, I have experienced the transformative power of shifting from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset, and it has allowed me to achieve incredible milestones, such as retiring from law enforcement at 51 and earning my doctorate in psychology.

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