Authentic All The time Academy

Slip, Slide, Launch

What Is

Slip, Slide, Launch? 

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One-on-one coaching

This program is built to support, guide, and teach. You will learn, grow, and gain the tools needed to find confidence. We will provide one-on-one coaching through this journey to provide a safe space to express yourself and be encouraged.


About the program

This program offered by Authentic All the Time Academy is designed for individuals between 16-24 years of age. These individuals may have not gained the confidence, education, and skillsets to advance successfully into the next phase of their lives. This nine-month course will provide extensive training in young adult development which includes, effective communication skills, emotional management techniques, as well as short and long term goal development.

is this program for me?

Slip, Slide, Launch™ is for the individual that struggles with self-defeating or self-sabotaging behaviors, as these affect long-standing goals and relationships. This program is built to support the young adult struggling with procrastination, low motivation, and emotional/developmental habits.