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Supporting our communities, students, educators, and first responders through specialized training and consultation services. We’re dedicated to producing positive change, lasting unity, and significant growth in every corner of society.

Our Services & Approach

Community Connectivity

Empower communities with targeted programs and resources that offer relief, interpersonal connections, and sustainable growth for a brighter future.

Equipping Educators

Teachers are the heart of communities. Revitalize educational settings with customized programs that boost teacher-student dynamics, staff care and wellness, and overall school excellence.

Care for First Responders

Elevate law enforcement standards through our specialized training, increase community trust, measure and care for the wellness of officers, and make impactful change.

Proven Psychological Techniques

Benefit from evidence-based psychological methods integrated into life coaching, fostering self-awareness, resilience, and emotional intelligence.

Tailored Training Solutions

Explore bespoke training initiatives designed to meet the specific needs of your community, school, organization, or police department, ensuring tangible, lasting results.

Interactive Workshops for Impact

Immerse your team in engaging, powerful workshops and seminars crafted to instill a culture of empathy, positive influence, wellness, and effective communication.

Let’s see if we are the right fit.

At Peacock, we recognize the significance of finding the right facilitator for a truly transformative experience. Beyond our services, we aim to forge a partnership rooted in growth, understanding, and achievement. Our commitment is to provide your organization with an environment where everyone feels not just heard, but truly supported and empowered.

This initial consultation serves as an opportunity for us to grasp your unique needs, delve into your goals, and explore how our services can align with your aspirations. It’s a chance for you to ask questions, express concerns, and gain insight into our resources, curriculum, and approach. Let’s connect and determine if the team at Peacock are the ideal companions to guide your community, team, or staff toward wellness and excellence. Schedule your consultation today, and let’s chat about the infinite possibilities!



For the young adult that struggles with self-defeating or self-sabotaging behaviors, as these affect long-standing goals and relationships. This program is built to support individuals 18 & under struggling with procrastination, low motivation, and emotional or developmental habits.


For the woman who is fed up with living for everyone else. If you are ready to trust yourself, use your voice, and show up with confidence, let’s do away with the layers of life that have kept you stuck. Let us guide you through this journey of finding the authentic you. (Group Coaching or Self-Guided)


For those who have taken an oath to serve others. First responders being human first, get to live without fear of being inauthentic. If you feel that you are unable to fully show up personally and professionally in your life, we want to help you with the next steps in discovering the authentic you.
Dr. Falisa Asberry

Executive Facilitator, Dr. Falisa

Founder of Peacock Training & Consulting Group

Dr. Falisa Asberry, Ph.D., is a seasoned expert in human behavior, emotional wellness, and personal development. As the Founder, Lead Consultant, and Transformational Coach of Peacock, she leverages her extensive background in Policing and Psychology to provide personalized guidance and impactful solutions. Dr. Falisa is committed to empowering individuals, educational institutions, first responders, and communities through tailored support, training, and resources. Her profound understanding of human behavior enables her to foster resilience and growth, creating environments where individuals and communities thrive. Driven by a passion for equipping others with the tools for personal and professional success, she leads initiatives that establish comprehensive support structures for schools, agencies, and communities. Her mission is to cultivate a culture of empathy, growth, and excellence, ensuring that everyone has the resources they need to flourish.

"Our district has partnered with Peacock Consulting to provide self-care strategies for our staff. We understand that in order for our staff to be of any good to our students, they must first learn how to be good to themselves. Dr. Asberry and her team have surpassed our expectations. We find their sessions to be engaging and creative and their team is relatable, passionate, knowledgeable and humorous. We have had staff ask for additional sessions because they found them to be so beneficial in their work and personal life"

Courtney Jones, Director of Pupil Personnel Services of East Cleveland School District

"If you feel like you've given your power away, allowing others to define you, and you're ready to get the coaching and support required to bring you back to the highest version of yourself, Falisa is the coach for you! Say YES to feeling unapologetically GREAT about YOU again. Book a call with her today and get the party started!"

Dr. Jeanine M. Staples, Founder, The Supreme Love Projects

"From my first conversation with Dr. Falisa I felt a connection. My original plans were to have her coach my daughter, however, she ended up coaching me. She has coached me through kids, job loss, financial, and emotional struggles. She’s also coached me through struggles with self-esteem and family. This has been a tremendous journey and it has been truly worth the cost to feel this uniquely and authentically me. Thank you Falisa, my coach, for partnering with me to be my authentic self!"

Tiffany Hailey, Coaching Client

"Dr. Falisa is amazing! She listens so well and is very patient and understanding. She sees my blind spots in life and has helped me navigate through trauma and self-doubt. Having her as my coach has honestly been life-changing. I’ve noticed how I react to certain things in life now and it’s nothing like how I used to be. That’s how I know she is making a real impact in my life. I’ve had instant results!"

Lauryn, Coaching Client

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