The 5 Day Challenge 


Stop the comparisons, release the shame, and show up by falling in love with every part of yourself… for yourself!

show up

Let go of the belief “I’m not good enough” and shed the layers of guilt others have placed over you. 

Self Love

Hi there, I’m Falisa

Everything that we do as individuals begins with your whole self. I believe that the most important person in your life, is YOU. I’ve created this challenge with that in mind. Acting with self-love and self-compassion allows you to look past any shortcomings and see the beauty that lies within. Gain the methods and strategies NOW that can make the rest of your life the BEST of your life.

Day One:

Compared To Who?

Day Two:

What Is A Scarcity Mindset?

Day Three:

Releasing Shame

Day Four:

“Guilty Feeling Got No Rhythm”

Day Five:

No Regrets!

The 5 Day Self-Love Challenge Bundle

What’s included:

  • 5 video recordings of Falisa’s live Q&A sessions with the self-love challenge community
  • A Free 15-minute Coaching Call
  • Daily Check-In Guide for everyday reflection and meditation
  • A personal self-love playlist to empower and motivate you
  • Handpicked Quotes as a source of inspiration and mindfulness from Falisa’s heart to yours
  • 5 Journaling Tools to keep you centered and promote inner healing
  • 2 Self-Love themed mobile device wallpapers for a daily reminder that you are enough

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“Self-love, to me, is being crystal clear about who you are. It believes that everything you are made of was perfectly created. It is my belief that the way you find this clarity is through a deep excavation of your soul and the radical acceptance of your authentic self.” – Falisa Asberry